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2013 September 20th - Gwesty'r Emlyn Hotel, Newcastle Emlyn
"A History of Medicine in Cardigan", Mr Glen K Johnson. Download the .pdf file
"Milestones in Cataract Surgery and Anaesthesia", Dr. John Prosser. Download the .pdf file
"The Rise and Fall of Medicine as a Profession", Dr David Powell. Download the .pdf file
"Two Darwins for the Price of One",
Prof. Tony Campbell. Download the .pdf file

2013 November 1st - The Manor Parc Hotel, Cardiff
"The History of Adrenal Surgery", Professor Malcolm H Wheeler Download the .pdf file
"Edgar Evans – An Invaluable Antarctic Assistant", Dr. Isobel Williams Download the .pdf file
‘"Behind the Scenes at the
Cardiff Physiology Institute 1920 – 47", Professor J Gareth Jones Download the .pdf file
"Dr. W T Edwards – Founder of the Cardiff Medical Society", Dr. John Huish Download the .pdf file

2014 April 4th - The Imperial Hotel, Llandudno
"The Soldier from the Sky", Mrs Susan Clark Prestatyn Download
"When ambulances had bells", Dr Ken Roberts Download
"A history of cataract surgery", Miss Sophie Jones Download
"The History of Thyroidectomy", Professor Malcolm Wheeler Download
"Shenton's Line", Mr David HA Jones Download

2014 JUNE 20th - NATIONAL LIBRARY OF WALES, Aberystwyth
"Cupping, leeching and the lancet - a history of blood-letting"
, Dr Tim Smith Download
"The heritage of Chailey", Mr David HA Jones, Download
"Tom C-E", Dr Tudor Jones, Download
"The History of Spinal Injury in Wales", Mr Clive Inman, Download
"A brief history of altitiude medicine and highlights of Tibetan medicine", Dr Charles Clarke, Download

2014 26th SEPTEMBER, GWESTY'R EMLYN HOTEL, New Castle Emlyn
"Any old Iron - Acquisitions in the Welsh Museum of Health & Medicine", Dr Peter L Jones Download
"Blood, Puss and Bandages", Mr Robin Odell Download
"Murder, Mystery and WMD", Dr Stephanie Matthews Download
"The Story behind the Discovery of Insulin", Dr Howell Lloyd Download
"Surgery, Collections and the Great War", Mr Sam Alberti Download

2014 31st OCTOBER, MANOR PARC HOTEL, Cardiff
"The Welsh Hospital in South Africa", Mr David HA Jones Download
"Oh! What a horrible war" Mr Richard Pusey Download
"Darwin Diagnosed", Professor Anthony K Campbell Download
"The Deaths of Kings and Queens", Mr Hugh Evans Download


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